Life Cafes 2021

Saturdays, 830-945am Mountain Time

Colorado Free University

Retirement Café

Explore Your Retirement Dreams!

Learn how to co-create your six retirement life arenas.

Jan 23, Feb 20, or Mar 27, 2021

Longevity Café

Expand Your Longevity Vision!

Learn how to co-create your six aging well dimensions. 

Jan 30, Feb 27, or Apr 3, 2021

Legacy Café

Empower Your Legacy Story!

Learn how to co-create your six core legacy chapters.

Feb 6, Mar 6, or Apr 10, 2021

Pets Café

Enjoy Your Pet with Pet Lovers!

Zooming with Your Pet!

Paws, Claws, Feathers, Fins

Learn how to co-create your pet companion story.

Feb 13, Mar 13, or Apr 17, 2021


Pets Café

Enjoy Your Pet Story with Pet Lovers!

Learn how to co-create your pet and companion story.

Saturdays, 830-945am Mountain Time

Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 10 2021

Enjoying Your Pet and Pet Stories with Pet Lovers!

We will learn from each other, how to co-create and share your pet and pet companion wisdom, wellness, and wholeness, online.

You will takeaway insights and inspirations from pets and pet lover stories.

We will explore the benefits of pet and companion relationships for comfort, love, and humor. 

We will discover anthrozoology research studies on human and animal interactions that prove pets provide wellbeing benefits.

We will learn about pet lifespans, lifestyles, and lifecare. This café is for persons wanting to have fun virtually socializing with pets and pet lovers, gaining new pet insights and inspirations, and getting smiles from their heart and a blessing of their pets!

University of Alabama

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Grandparenting and Mentoring Course 

Old School Smarts and New School Skills!


10:30 - 11:45 am, Central Time

Jan 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 2021

Today’s grandparenting and mentoring roles are the same…but different!

In these challenging times, the protective nurturing roles of old school smarts of wisdom needs the new school skills of community sciences.

It really does take a village to raise a child. In this course we will build upon good old-fashioned wisdom with the newest research on how to best help children, youth, and families grow their resiliency, caregiving, and safety on the internet and in the home, for all ages and abilities. 

Bob’s experience is personal and professional.  He is a parent of four, a grandparent of five bio and four bonus grandchildren (ages 2 to 21 - and a new one in March 2021), and an affinity fictive kin grandparent of six. 

Professionally, he formally served as a child, youth, and family advocate, over a 20-year career, in a variety of youth and family-serving settings. 

This course provides new perspectives on the passion of grandparenting and mentoring.       

Bob Coulson MPA, MA, MDiv

Certified Senior Advisor®

 Child, Youth, and Family Advocate

Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

Certified Sage-ing® Leader

Take this class if you want to grandparent or mentor smarter in 2021!

Longevity 20/20™ Course

How to Fully Plan, Prep, and Practice Your Longevity!

6-715pm, Mountain Time
Thursdays: Feb 4, 11, 18, 25, 2021

Bob Coulson MPA, MA, MDiv

Certified Senior Advisor®

Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

Certified Sage-ing® Leader

Everyone wants to live a long life, but not grow old, right? 

Longevity 20/20™ is a four-week course that gives you new perspectives about aging long and well.

We explore how to match your life span and health span using an integrated and interdependent approach.

You will learn how to co-create your longevity wellbeing with aging paradigms and assessments, aging mastery domains and tracking guideposts, caregiver mapping and management, and universal design with smart technologies that empower your aging better, where you live.

Take this class if you want to live long and prosper!

Legacy 3.14+™ Course

How to Fully Plan, Prep, and Practice Your Legacy!

6-715pm, Mountain Time
Thursdays: Mar 4, 11, 18, 25, 2021 

Bob Coulson MPA, MA MDiv

Certified Senior Advisor®

Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

Certified Sage-ing® Leader

Who is in charge of your legacy? When does legacy happen? 

Legacy 3.14+™ uses an expansive approach to awakening or renewing your life meaning, purpose, and legacy story.

You will learn how to co-create your desired pragmatic senior and philosophical sage personas and lifestyles by using an intentional aging process of life review (contemplation), repair (relationships), and reframing (mortality).

This course includes interactive reflection activities of life wisdom sharing, deep listening, socialized meditation dyads, contemplation practices, journaling, and ageism reflection exercises.

We explore the possibilities and opportunities of an extended life span and discover your wisdom gifts to share. 

Take this class is you want to grow your legacy!

Retirement 360°™ Course

How to Fully Plan, Prep, and Practice Your Retirement!

6-715pm, Mountain Time

Thursdays: Apr 1, 8, 15, 22, 2021

Bob Coulson MPA, MA, MDiv

Certified Senior Advisor®

Retirement Options ™Certified Coach

Certified Sage-ing® Leader

The idea of retirement can be daunting, right? 

We all worry about whether we will have the funds we need, but there is much more to think about as well.

This comprehensive and individualized program is for folks who are “concerned, pre-retired,” “what’s next? retired,” or “will I ever retire?”

This highly interactive course will guide you to co-create your best retirement.

Guides and exercises will help you pinpoint your strengths, clarify your areas of focus, and find your path.

Take this class if you want to be empowered to fulfill your dreams, overcome your dreads, and navigate life’s detours!

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